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School News > School News > Introducing Meat Free Mondays in Upper School!

Introducing Meat Free Mondays in Upper School!

Join us in going Meat Free one day a week!
30 Sep 2022
School News
Meat Free Monday is a not-for-profit campaign launched by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney.
Meat Free Monday is a not-for-profit campaign launched by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney.

We support Meat Free Monday by declaring Monday our 100 % meat free day of the week! In removing all meat from our healthy meals meals menu on Mondays, we join the rising number of businesses, institutions and individuals in our shared mission to improve health and reduce our carbon footprint to the minimum. We are supporting eating a little bit less meat to make a difference!


"Meat Free Monday is an all inclusive campaign. Although it encourages vegetarianism, it does not vilify meat eaters. For me, Meat Free Monday stands against Greed and draws our attention to the negative, potentially catastrophic, effects greed has on our health and the environment. Just because we have made it very easy for us to kill, consume (and waste) very, very large quantities of animals, it does not mean that we should. In fact doing so is harming humanity and the planet. My personal mantra is: Eat as much meat as you believe you could hunt, capture and kill with your bare hands..." - P.G.


Why it matters... According to research by the people behind  Meat Free Monday.


  • Because it's good for our planet.
  • Because it boosts our health.
  • Because it reduces animal suffering.
  • Because it helps alleviate world hunger.
  • Because it helps protect biodiversity.


For those and for so many more reasons, our school will be going meat free on Mondays as of Monday 3rd of October! During the Key Stage 4 Assembly, which took place on Thursday in the School Theatre, the pupils were informed about the concept behind Meat Free Mondays and were made aware of the significant impact that just one meat free day a week can have. 



Let's have a look at the difference that can be made by just 1 person going meat free for 1 year, just 1 day a week! (According to Meat Free Monday Calculator)


789.25 bathtubs of water saved

Animal agriculture uses up a lot of water. The average meat eater requires 16 Olympic swimming pools of water to produce the meat that they will eat in their life.


54.27 fish still splashing

The average meat eater eats 30,000 aquatic animals (fish, crustaceans, shellfish, etc.) in their lives which evens out at roughly one per day.


608.62 m2 marine reserve created

By not eating fish or seafood, global demand is reduced and marine and freshwater species are saved. You effectively create an 11.7m2 marine reserve every meat free day you have!


2.98 tennis courts of forests saved

We are destroying the world’s lungs and global oxygen levels are dropping. Every meat free day you have slightly reduces global demand for habitat destruction, thereby saving land.


434.36miles of greenhouse gases avoided

Animal agriculture results in vast amounts of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. By having one meat free day per week for a year, you save the equivalent amount of greenhouse gases as driving from London to Edinburgh.


1.91 hungry people fed

Animal agriculture uses about a quarter of the world's grain. This pushes up prices and makes it harder for the very poorest people to feed themselves. By having meat free days, you help lower global grain prices which helps people lift themselves out of chronic malnutrition.


Our School is now on the Meat Free Monday map on their website!

It's not about eating no meat, it's about eating less!




Share your story today!


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